Barb & Bill Nadeau Barbara Barnes; Nancy Corles; Bill Schaffel; Karen Conley DSC02782 DSC02787 DSC02789 DSC02790 DSC02791 DSC02801 DSC02804 DSC02808 DSC02809 DSC02815 DSC02818 DSC02820 DSC02821 DSC02823 DSC02830 DSC02833 DSC02836 DSC02840 DSC02848 DSC02849 DSC02850 DSC02855 DSC02857 DSC02858 DSC02859 DSC02861 DSC02862 DSC02863 IMG_0656 IMG_0668 Jim Mulligan; Pat Peverly; Dave Peverly; Dave Bunch Karen Conley; Larry Conley Nancy Corles; Bill Schaffel (Hamilton); Karen Conley; Larry Conley P1040272 P1040273 P1040275 P1040276 P1040277 P1040282 P1040284 P1040286 P1040287 P1040288 P1040291 P1040294 P1040296 P1040300 P1040302 P1040306 P1040307 P1040309 P1040311 P1040312 P1040314 P1040315 P1040321 P1040326 P1040332 P1040333 P1040336 P1040337 P1040339 P1040340 P1040341 P1040342 P1040345 P1040346 P1040348 P1040350 P1040351 P1040354 P1040355 P1040356 P1040357 P1040358 P1040359 P1040360 P1040361 P1040363 P1040364 Stan & Francis Lavacchia one of the last  remaining Duane sailors from WWII The Meeting House  on Martha's Vineyard The guys in Chatham WP_20141016_001 WP_20141016_002 WP_20141016_004 WP_20141017_002 WP_20141017_003 WP_20141017_004 WP_20141017_005 WP_20141017_007 WP_20141017_009 WP_20141017_010 WP_20141017_011 WP_20141017_015 WP_20141018_001 a happy bunch cg chatham boats dave, jim, group whale tail